• The Original

    The essential tool for smokers on the go! Our patented blunt splitters were designed for effortless precision and convenience! Check out "The Original" in 5 assorted colors today!

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  • Ghostly Glow

    Experience the enchanting "Ghostly Glow" EZ SPLITZ blunt splitters - 5 Assorted Colors that illuminate your smoke in the dark. Elevate your style and enjoy a smoother smoking ritual with these innovative splitters.

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  • Summer Fest

    Celebrate the season with the "Summer Fest" Edition EZ SPLITZ blunt splitters - 5 New Transparent Colors! Effortlessly split your cigarillos in vibrant summer hues and elevate your smoking experience with style.

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  • Holiday

    Celebrate the season with the "Holiday" Edition EZ SPLITZ blunt splitters - 4 Festive Colors! Effortlessly split your cigarillos and add a touch of holiday spirit to your smoking ritual.

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  • EZ Fire Lighter Holder and EZ Splitz

    Your All-in-One Cigarillo Splitter and Mini Bic Holder with a 26-Inch Retractable Leash and Keychain! Experience unmatched convenience as you effortlessly split your cigars and keep your mini Bic lighter securely by your side. Embrace the ultimate smoking accessory, perfect for those on the move.

  • Cap and Crusher Pop Top Bottle and Grinder

    Your Ultimate Pop Top Bottle and Grinder in One! Experience the convenience of this innovative accessory, featuring a pop top bottle cap and a built-in grinder. Effortlessly crush and store your herbs with ease, making it the perfect companion for any herb enthusiast. Elevate your herb experience with the "Cap and Crusher" today!

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