EZ Splitz is the original cigar cutter of its kind, our design is patented and made to be used over and over again for a perfect cut every time. It compact design and keychain makes it easy to carry and conceal for any consumer on the go with limited space.

EZ Splitz come in two sizes, 60-count containers that are easy to display on any shelf or countertop. Cannabis and smoke shop consumers on the go can grab them when shopping for bud, stopping in for a lighter, or headed to a party. They’re light, affordable, and easy to use. Order your case of EZ Splitz at wholesale prices today!

We’re dedicated to providing dispensaries and other retailers with the wholesale products they need to satisfy and retain their customers. If you have questions about the E-Z Splitz, or our wholesale prices,  please don’t hesitate to contact us at: info@ezsplitz.com